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Development of a smartphone app to Nikon Lenswear.

Nikon Lenswear:Client
Eldes:Android and back-end development

Nikon Optical Design Engine

App for opticians to order the production of Nikon ophthalmic lenses.

N-Cloud allows the choice of products and customization of their characteristics, facilitating the ordering of lenses and their calculation by the exclusive NODE system (Nikon Optical Design Engine) at the headquarters of Nikon Corporation in Japan.

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Technical details

  • The app was developed natively in the Android Studio using Kotlin language.
  • SQLite was used for the local database and a DAO layer was implemented for access.
  • For communication with the back-end, the Retrofit library was used through an implemented web service layer.
  • The backend was coded in PHP language, using the Symfony framework to implement the REST API.
  • The auth control was implemented in JWT, using Firebase's PHP-JWT library.
  • As a server-side database management system, Oracle MySQL was used.
  • For version control, Git was used with the GitFlow pattern and GitHub and BitBucket for the remote repositories
  • Frux has also implemented an iOS version of the N-Cloud app.


The app can be downloaded directly from Google Play:
Get it on Google Play

To use the system, the optician must be authorized to sell Nikon lenses.

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