Se Liga na Educação Física textbook illustrations

Illustrations for the "Se Liga na Educação Física" (Get Connected with Physical Education) textbook, by Editora Moderna.

Leticia Ruggiero:art director

In order to inspire meaningful reflections and practices for educators, the collection "Se Liga na Educação Física" (Get Connected with Physical Education) aims to provide motivating learning situations that enable the expansion and deepening of knowledge about cultural manifestations related to the thematic units proposed in the BNCC (Games and Play, Sports, Gymnastics, Dance, Martial Arts, and Adventure Physical Activities).

In the 7th-grade volume, I created illustrations for the chapter dedicated to the hip-hop universe, specifically focusing on breaking. These illustrations depict step-by-step instructions for various types of breaking moves, including floor rocking, up rocking, and backspin.

Note: BNCC refers to Base Nacional Comum Curricular, which is the national common curriculum framework in Brazil. I have translated the title of the collection while maintaining a similar meaning and tone.


Thanks for taking a look at my work!

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