Water and Sustainability textbook illustrations

Água e sustentabilidade

Illustrations for the Water and Sustainability series textbook, by ProfCiAmb.


To strengthen the management of water resources based on citizen training through education, ProfCiAmb (Professional Master's Course in the National Network for Teaching Environmental Sciences) decided to produce and publish pedagogical materials based on research and work carried out, thus appearing the ProfCiAmb Collection.

The publication "Água e Sustentabilidade" (Water and Sustainability), comprising 4 volumes, was the first of the "Guias Educacionais" (Educational Guides) series in this collection.

Mockup das capas dos 4 volumes

In addition to the creation of the ProfCiAmb logo, which will serve as the brand for this collection, and the illustrations and layout of the covers of these 4 volumes, our studio was also responsible for some illustrations of the text of the first volume:

Mockup do interior do livro
Mockup do interior do livro
Mockup do interior do livro

Thanks for taking a look at my work!

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