Presbyopia Garmin Watch Face app

Development of a watch face app for Garmin: the Presbyopia app.

Desenvolvimento de um mostrador de relógio para Garmin: o aplicativo Presbyopia.

Eldes:Design e Desenvolvimento

Simple and large. See the time and date... without glasses!

The idea behind this design is to allow users to see essential information on their watch without needing glasses, including time, date, battery level, steps, and heart rate.

To achieve this, a selection of easily readable fonts was made, with a focus on numeric digits. The layout was carefully designed to accommodate larger characters within the limited screen space.

Color schemes were chosen to enhance readability.

To preserve battery power and prevent screen burn-in, watches with AMOLED displays typically turn off the screen when not in use.

For this type of watch, Garmin's Connect IQ has special rules for apps when the watch enters always-on mode:

  • The watch face updates only once a minute.
  • Only 10% of pixels can be lit.
  • No pixel can remain lit for more than 3 minutes.


The Presbyopia app allows users to modify a set of properties via their mobile phones:

  • Top field: Choose which information will be displayed above the time (battery level, date, step counter, or heart rate).
  • Bottom field: Choose which information will be displayed below the time (battery level, date, step counter, or heart rate).
  • Color scheme: Define the colors used for the time and the top and bottom fields.
  • Use leading zero: When enabled, a leading zero is displayed to always maintain the same number of digits in numeric fields.
  • Keep the display always on (for MIP screens only): When enabled, the display remains in high power mode at all times (this option does not work for watches with an LCD or AMOLED screen).


The Presbyopia app can be downloaded directly from the Garmin Connect IQ store:
Disponível em Garmin Connect IQ

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Source code

The Presbyopia app was developed by me using the Monkey C language and Garmin's Connect IQ™ SDK.

Due to various reasons, including security and commercial considerations, I cannot open-source all of my projects.

However, given the limited documentation available, open-sourcing this application can be a valuable resource for novice developers to learn how to achieve certain functionalities.

The source code for the Presbyopia app can be found on my GitHub.


Obrigado por dar uma olhada no meu trabalho!