Podcast Max Gehringer illustrations

Top detail of illustration

Illustrations inspired by Max Gehringer's "Professional Career" podcast.

Max Gehringer:text

In the podcast "Carreira Profissional" ("Professional Career"), on Radio CBN, Max Gehringer offers valuable tips and guidance for those who want to invest in their career.

Inspired by the episodes of this podcast, I developed a series of illustrations.

Digital mockup showing some of the illustrations being applied on the podcast website.

This exercise helped to define my method of developing illustrations for periodicals — when there is a relatively short time between receiving the text and preparing the illustration.

Animação mostrando o processo de treinamento para ilustração para o mercado editorial

Below are the illustrations for the episodes: "Os cinco maiores erros da carreira profissional" ("The Five Biggest Mistakes in a Professional Career"), "Como conviver com um colega negativista?" ("How to Live With a Negative Colleague?") and "Como faço para escapar de uma lista de dispensa?" ("How do I escape a waiver list?").


Sketches and process:

Process: ideate and sketch, sktech, sktech..., ink, to digital, composition and adjusting on Photoshop, tracing and color on Illustrator
  • Rough of illustration
  • Pen and ink fo illustration
  • Pen and ink of illustration
  • Pen and ink of illustration

Thanks for taking a look at my work!

Animated illustration
  • More Editorial:

    • Teatro Português
  • More Woodcut style:

    • Como eram os animais