Font Eldes Cordel

Sample of use


Font inspired directly in the woodcut — especially in the covers of the Cordel literature booklets — and originally created mainly to compose graphic pieces that have Brazilian culture as reference and or that want to transmit the concept of handmade, this type brings some of the visual characteristic of such printing technique, such as the gaps and inaccuracies of the notch in the wood matrix.

Sample poster

A horror font

Because of your quirky glyphs design, it's a suitable font for create a atmosphere of mystery in horror graphic pieces.​​​​​​​

Use case: horror book cover


Letters and digits


License typePriceDescriptionBuy
Desktop License$ 22You can install the Font software in your own computer to create graphical designs (logos, signs, etc.) and products (mugs, t-shirts, hats, etc.) for yourself or your client. See more details...
Logotype License$ 7You can use the font to create a single logotype. See more details...
Site License$ 44You can embed the font in the HTML/CSS of your single site allowing your viewers to see your custom typography. See more details...