Baseball Guide design and illustrations

Baseball Guide
Eldes:design and illustrations

Thinking how baseball is not so well known in Brazil, SESC (Social Service of Commerce) created a booklet to introduce this sport to Physical Education professionals, schoolchildren and the general population.

Mockup showing cover
  • Illustration of pitcher
  • Illustration of hitter
  • Illustration of gardner

To make the explanation of rules and practices more accessible and enjoyable, I chose to develop a graphic project with a helpful use of illustrations and following a visual language such as sports almanacs.

Mockup show pages 2 and 3 (Scheduling and introduction for Semana MOVE)
Mockup show pages 4 and 5 (Guide goal, history of baseball at Brazil, Introduction to baseball)
  • Illustration of gardner
  • Illustration of hitter
  • Illustration of catcher
  • Illustration of equipments: ball
  • Illustration of equipments: bat
  • Illustration of equipments: glove
Mockup show pages 8 and 9 (Defense, strike e hitting)
Mockup show pages 10 and 11 (Score, equipament, fundamentals and pitching)
Illustration of pitching grip
Illustration of pitching fundamentals
  • Animation of pitching
  • Animation of hitting
Illustration of hitting fundamentals
Mockup show pages 12 and 13 (Fundamentals about hitting and pitching)
Illustration of catching fundamentals
Mockup show pages 14 and 15 (Fundamentals about catching, and games to learning baseball)
  • Illustration of EVA plate
  • Illustration of sock ball
  • Illustration of plastic bottle bat
  • Illustration of football gloves
Mockup show pages 16 and 17 (Games to learning baseball and adaptation alternatives of equipments for School)
Mockup show pages 18 and 19 (References, curiosities and glossary)


Contrary to what usually happens, in this guide we chose to define the cover before designing the interior of the publication.

The reason was that the cover serves as a visual identity for the SESC project as a whole.

Following are some of the variations elaborated until reaching the final version:

  • Mockup of alternative cover
  • Mockup of alternative cover
  • Mockup of final cover
Illustration of baseball ball

Thanks for taking a look at my work!

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